London Network Test 2019

London Networks Test Dec 2019

On the 21st of December 2019, the last Saturday before Christmas, we tested the 4 UK networks in the busy capital city that is London. Our results were not exactly what we expected however we can see a clear improvement in the majority of metrics from our test last year.

The results

Testing Locations

Testing Method

All 4 of the networks in London have public 5G deployed, however 3's 5G network is currently for home broadband use only in the city and so we did not think it would be suitable to test it, so Three were tested using a OnePlus 6. For EE and O2 we tested using the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G which is a high end device supporting 5G NSA alongside 5CA, 4x4 MiMo amoung other LTE-A features. Webpage developed by Jake. Content by Peter and Jake.