Jubilee Line Cellular Technicals

Jubilee Line Mobile Networks

Canary Wharf Sign

London's Jubilee Line boasts the first Underground line segments and stations to gain public commercial mobile signal for all four mobile network operators.

High Level Architecture

The Jubilee Line has two methods of providing coverage to the public: leaky feeders in tunnels and a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) in the stations themselves.

Jubilee Line DAS

Tunnel RF Carrier Specification

The tunnel is low band focused for Vodafone and O2 with EE and 3 being mixed.

EE Jubilee Line Tunnel Solution

EE has GSM 1800MHz, LTE 1800MHz, LTE 800MHz, LTE 2100MHz in the tunnels.

EE 4G on Jubilee Line tunnel solution

Vodafone's Tunnel Solution

Vodafone has UMTS 900MHz, LTE 800MHz, LTE 900MHz in the tunnels.

Vodafone 4G on Jubilee Line tunnel solution

O2 in the Tunnels

O2 has UMTS 900MHz, LTE 800MHz in the Tunnels.

3 UK

Three have LTE 1800MHz + LTE 800MHz in the tunnels.

Station RF Carrier Specifications

In the stations, all the operators have capacity bands deployed on the DAS

EE Jubilee Line Station DAS

The DAS adds LTE 2600MHz carriers 3350 and 3179 with nice results.

Very nice EE 4G performance with the combination of bands on the Jubilee Line DAS

Vodafone at Jubilee Line stations

Vodafone gains LTE 2100MHz and LTE 2600MHz for also nice numbers.

VF's 2100MHz + 2600MHz carriers helping on Jubilee Line DAS

O2 at Jubilee Line Stations

O2 has UMTS 2100MHz and LTE 2300MHz (39250 and 39448) on the DAS

O2's 2300MHz carriers on Jubilee Line DAS

3 UK on Stations

Three gain 2100MHz LTE on stations.