EE and 3 UK Monopole Masts (Streetworks Sites)

EE and 3 (H3G) Monopoles and Streetworks Sites

Compact monopole sites are common in the UK market due to Planning (Zoning) challenges. Despite being compact and inobtrusive, these poles can support the full range of 2G-5G technologies for the respective operators.

Phase 7
Phase 8
Phase 5
Some cabinets

Phase 7 5G Monopole: EE 2G/3G/4G/5G and 3 3G/4G/5G

Phase 7 Monopole, EE 5G monopole, Three 5G Monopole

The Phase 7 is the latest monopole design by EE/3 to support all their respective existing services and 5G. From top to bottom: 5G Massive MIMO for one operator, other operator 5G Massive MIMO and then the operators' remaining technologies on the passive panels. The left green cabinet contains EE equipment while the right green Huawei cabinets are for Three. The pole to the left edge of the image is an old Phase 4. Image: Mark

Phase 8 5G Monopole: Unilateral 5G, dual operator 4G

Phase 8 Monopole with Three 5G and EE presence

A Phase 8 Monopole site with single operator 5G and dual operator other technologies. In this case, Three have 5G deployed on the top stack Massive MIMO units with Three 3G+4G and EE 2G+3G+4G on the passive antennas below. Three is Huawei 4G and 5G with EE being Nokia for all their technologies, this site having recently been swapped from Huawei. The old Phase 4 pole remains for now.

Phase 8 5G Monopole: Fully Unilateral

Phase 8 Monopole with Three 5G

A fully unilateral Phase 8 Monopole, in this case 3 Ericsson.

Phase 5: Triple Band Antenna, to gain 800MHz 4G for EE or 3 or both

A much larger shroud than the single band and dual band examples because of the larger antenna to accommodate 800MHz. This example has EE 4G 800MHz because it has three Huawei 3900a cabinets.


Phase 4: Dual Band Antennas

Larger shrouds for dual band panels, all Alifabs Styrosun. 

Alpha 8 Monopole Site

Alpha 8 Streetworks with Cobra Cabinet and ISC carrying GL18, L08.

Single Band Antenna (now rare)

Shrouded Monopoles which house single Band panels which can support EE 2G/3G/4G and 3 3G. However, they can not support 3's 1800MHz 4G aswell, hence these are getting replaced with larger shrouded monopoles which can house dual input/band panels. To see the reason for this, check out the Schematics on the New Style MBNL/EE/3 Masts

Hutchinson Ultra Slimline Monopole, Alifabs Styrosun and a Hutchinson Engineering Replica Telegraph Pole.

New Shroud Design for 3's 1500MHz Supplementary Downlink (SDL) 4G masts (Oxford)

A monopole shroud of previously unseen design to house 3's 1500MHz SDL in Oxford. A Kommodo cabinet houses 3's 1800MHz and 1500MHz services.

4G Cabinets

Huawei BTS 3900a

A Huawei BTS 3900A Cabinet, arranged in a horizontal stack (side by side) for EE's 1800MHz 2G and 4G. The 3900a cabinet cubes can also be placed ontop of each other.

Alifabs Pogona

An Alifabs Pagona Cabinet for 3's 1800MHz 4G. 

Alifabs Kommodo

An Alifabs Komodo cabinet, which is slightly larger than a Pagona, so as to incorporate 3's 800MHz and 1800MHz equipment.

Cobra Cabinet

The Cobra is a cabinet installed in predominantly rural areas that can house equipment for EE and 3: Nokia 1800MHz 2G/4G and 800MHz 4G for EE and 3's 4G 800MHz and 1800MHz.

3G Cabinets

A Fredo Cabinet, used previously for T-Mobile 2G/3G, now EE/3 (MBNL) 3G.

An old Nokia WCDMA cabinet for a 3 3G mast in Aldborough.