Legacy EE/Three/MBNL Masts

These are examples of masts with older style panels. Due to EE and 3's refarming of frequencies, they can often use the same panels for the latest generation of services, as opposed to Vodafone and O2 who need new panels for 4G 800.

Orange Masts with Schematics

Two single input panels per sector: a very common arrangement. Presumably one for 2100MHz and one for 1800MHz. EE. Likely non-broadcasting now, instead using the 3 triple input panels above.

Another two panel per sector setup on the Isle of Portland.

An old Orange (EE) PCS site in Hull.

Dual input Huawei Panels on the Weymouth transmitter which were broadcasting 4G 1800MHz at a rather cool 60-70mbps, so they may look old, but this does not make them bad. (EE)

This is a very old mast in Elstead, which has two panels per sector. Each panel has one input cable, instead of the usual two. At the point this photo was taken, this mast was broadcasting only EE 2G 1800MHz.

This mast has EE and 3 on separate levels: 20 and 14m respectively. Both were providing speeds around 10mbps and are microwaved onto the Guildford transmitter

A good sign a mast is using old style EE panels is that they have a kinda yellow/Orange back and sides.