Mobile Infrastructure Project

Mobile Infrastructure Project (MIP) Mast: Little Weighton/Rowley

A mast being built to improve an area of poor coverage

An overall view of the MIP mast in its surroundings

A closeup of the panels at the top of the mast. If we look at the centre front ones, Vodafone/O2 (CTIL) is on the left and MBNL (EE/3) on the right.

Left: A Huawei Triple band panel for MBNL's services. Likely EE/3 800MHz 4G, 1800MHz 4G, 2100MHz 3G and EE 1800MHz 2G. See New Style MBNL/EE/3 Masts for schematics

Right: The CTIL Dual band Kathrein panel for VF/O2 800 and 900MHz. See CTIL masts for schematics

Workers at the base of the mast.

Locations of MIP Masts that were built