Poland Commercial Mobile Network Spectrum Use

Polish Market

The Polish mobile market place has Orange, T-Mobile, Plus and Play which operate on standard European frequencies: 800, 900, 1800, 2100 and 2600MHz. The following graphics show the maximum modern spectrum use across the different bands, with downlink displayed for FDD.

800MHz (Band 20) in Poland 4G-LTE

800MHz (band 20) LTE spectrum use in Poland.

All four Polish mobile network operators use the 800MHz (Band 20) for LTE services. Orange and T-Mobile both have 10MHz paired of spectrum, using EARFCNs 6200 and 6350 respectively. Play and Plus each have 5MHz paired, with EARFCNs 6275 and 6425. *NB: As of December 2018, Plus L08 was terminated pending licensing changes.

900MHz (Band 8) Poland 2G-GSM, 3G-UMTS and 4G-LTE

900MHz (band 8) use for 2G, 3G and 4G in Poland.

900MHz usage is quite complicated with all operators using the band and 2G, 3G and 4G technologies being present on the band. Working up the frequencies, it starts with Play's 3G on UARFCN 2938, then there is Plus's 4G on EARFCN 3526, followed by Plus 2G. After that, T-Mobile's 2G, Plus 3G UARFCN 3030, T-Mobile 3G UARFCN, leaving Orange services at the end. Orange has 3G UARFCN 3082 surrounded by two blocks of spectrum used for 2G.

1800MHz (Band 3) in Poland 2G-GSM and 4G-LTE

1800MHz (band 3) Poland frequencies for 2G GSM and 4G LTE.

1800MHz is used for 2G and 4G services in Poland. Plus 4G at 20MHz paired starts off the band use with EARFCN 1300. Play comes next with up to 15MHz paired LTE using EARFCN 1474 with Huawei dynamic spectrum sharing to also allow some 2G. After this, things start to get a bit more granular: T-Mobile 4G at EARFCN 1599 (10MHz paired), follwed by small sections of bandwidth for T-Mobile 2G and Plus 2G before Orange has a 10MHz paired LTE carrier at EARFCN 1749. The spectrum finishes with big blocks for T-Mobile G18 and Plus G18.

2100MHz (Band 1) in Poland 3G-UMTS and 4G-LTE

Poland networks' 2100MHz (band 1) usage for 3G and 4G.

Once again, all the operators use 2100MHz spectrum. Helpfully, easch operator has contiguous spectrum in this band and operates up to 10MHz paired as 4G with a single 3G carrier. Orange starts with EARFCN 54, followed by 3G carrier UARFCN 10614. T-Mobile is the next operator with spectrum: 4G EARFCN 202 and 3G carrier 10688. Plus comes afterwards: 4G EARFCN 350 and 3G 10762. Play has the final chunk of spectrum and has 4G EARFCN 499, 3G 10836.

Poland 2600MHz (Band 7) 4G-LTE

2600MHz band 7 4G LTE in Poland by Orange, T-Mobile, Play and Plus for 4G services.

Plus and Play both operate with 20MHz paired 4G in the 2600MHz band, using EARFCNs 2850 and 3350 respectively. Orange and T-Mobile both at 15MHz paired: 3025 and 3175.

Poland 2600MHz (Band 38) TDD 4G-LTE

Polish 2600MHz Band 38 in use by Plus

Plus operates two carriers each of 20MHz: 37900 and 38098.